clingy jihoon (with a side-eyeing zico)


minhyuk and his special way of expressing


… his love for his fellow members


fcukaiho whispered:
Do you have any pet names for each other?


K: Joonmyunnie hyung doesn’t really allow me to call him any pet names. In case I slip up he says, which doesn’t really make any sense to me since we both have stage names. So I feel that he is just being a prude and depriving me the joy of calling him something really sweet and embarrassing.

S: Are you throwing a tantrum again Jonginnie? Calling me Joonmyunnie hyung is affectionate enough no? And I see nothing wrong with calling you Jonginnie. Affectionate and yet does not attract any unnecessary attention from others.

K: But hyung I want to call you yeobo! Or Myunnie-hyungie! And I want you to call me something nobody else will. Almost everybody calls me Jonginnie. I don’t feel special.

S: I will call you yeobo when there is no risk of us dating being exposed. Or maybe Ninikins. I do like the ring to that.

K: Can you call me that in bed at least then hyung?

S: Maybe. Let’s see how good you are tonight.

K: Wait. That means we are sharing a room tonight? Right? Hyung, where are you going? Hyung! MYUNNIE HYUNGIE!

Just one touch

Jongup teasing Himchan when choosing his partner